Contractor for engineering services hired for Northpark Drive expansion and improvement project.

The Lake Houston Redevelopment Authority announced today that they have hired a contractor for engineering services has been hired for Northpark Drive expansion and improvement project. They will use The Goodman Corporation (TGC) as a contractor for engineering services related to the project.

TGC will assist the LHRA in pursuing federal and state funding resources for the widening and reconstruction of Northpark Drive. The design phase of the project is already underway. The widening plans show adding an additional lane in each direction from Loop 494 to Woodland Hills and a possible flyover at the railroad tracks.

The project calls for a budget of $54 million. The authority is seeking 80 percent of the funding from state and federal monies; the authority would fund the remaining costs.

If approved, the funding for reimbursement would most likely be available in 2019. There is a possibility of entering into an advanced payment agreement with TxDOT to construct the project earlier than that then get the reimbursement at a later date.


“At the earliest, we would be able to begin construction on Northpark Drive as soon as we sign the advanced funding agreement with TxDOT, estimating sometime in 2017 at the earliest with the reimbursement in 2019,” Jim Webb with TGC said. Truman Edminster III with EHRA estimated the project could get started around second quarter 2017. “We need to do something as soon as possible; I would have started on this project yesterday if that was possible,” city of Houston Council Member Dave Martin said.

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