Happy Back To The Future Day! Oct. 21, 2015

Happy Back To The Future Day!

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Did you know DeLorean Motor Company is based right here in the Lake Houston Area at 15023 Eddie Dr, Humble, TX 77396?

DMC facility street view

After the insolvency of the original DMC, Liverpool-born mechanic and current Lake Houston Area resident Stephen Wynne started a separate company using the “DeLorean Motor Company” name. Shortly thereafter Mr. Wynne acquired the rights to the DeLorean name along with the original blueprints to the car, and the entire original parts stock from the Ireland factory. Eventually Wynne moved it all to DeLorean’s global headquarters in the Lake Houston Area.

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The Lake Houston Area provides a strategic central location situated right in the middle of the country. The DMC global headquarters and factory is the source for DeLorean parts, refurbished DMC-12s, and even “new” built cars (that number at approximately 12 a year) that are shipped out all across the globe.

DMC workshop 2

2015 TEDC - DeLorean, Richard Dartt, Charlie Dromgoole

(Pictured above: DMC President Roger Dartt and LHAEDP President Charlie Dromgoole, at 2015 TEDC Annual Conference in Dallas, Tx. 10/14/2015)

The DeLorean Motor Company was kind enough to join the Lake Houston Area Economic Development Partnership last week (Oct 14-16, 2015) at the Texas Economic Development Council (TEDC) Annual Conference in Dallas, Tx. The theme of the conference was Taking Economic Development Back To The Future and DMC President Roger Dartt was on hand with one of their DMC-12’s to show off to conference attendees.

Having a brand and facility like DeLorean Motor Company in the Lake Houston Area is a tremendous asset to our local economy.

They bring outside dollars into the local economy by selling parts and services to customers located all across the country and the world.

DMC showroom

The DMC global headquarters and factory in the Lake Houston Area provides good jobs to local residents along with internship opportunities for younger students and workers.

DMC showroom 2

The power and attractiveness of a brand with the appeal and wide popularity that DMC has is obvious. Their presence and operations in our community can help to boost the profile and recognition of the LHA as a community where business thrives locally, regionally, nationally and even globally.

DMC’s facility in the LHA is direct evidence to business owners of the value of locating in our community. Their success proves that our community is not only an important strategic location for doing business, but is also a place where business owners, employees and their families can work, live and succeed together.

DMC workshop

DMC has an additional five authorized, franchised locations in Bonita Springs, Florida; Crystal Lake, Illinois; Huntington Beach, California; Bellevue, Washington and Hem, The Netherlands.

DMC is proud of the support, products and services they provides to owners and enthusiasts of DeLorean cars and merchandise and the LHAEDP and LHA community are surely proud to have them right here in our backyard. The DeLorean Motor Company team and staff are great people, give them a call or stop by to take a look at their showroom and ask for a tour of the facility, they might even show you where they keep the Flux Capacitor! Happy Back To The Future Day!

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