Lake Houston Economic Development HQ Spotlight: Lawler Foods

Lake Houston Economic Development HQ Spotlight: ‪Lawler Foods is a family owned manufacturer of gourmet cheesecakes, cakes and pies that are used in restaurants, hotels and other fine foodservice establishments around the world based in the ‪#‎LHA in the City of Humble. As a manufacturer, Lawler’s only sells business-to-business. In 1984 Lawler Foods moved to a new 9,600 sf. bakery in Humble, Tx. Since then Lawler’s commitment to home-made recipes and methods made them a well-known brand which propelled the company’s growth. Lawler’s has made several significant expansions to their Humble facility over the years and now occupies more than 55,000 square feet on 21 acres, and they still have space for additional expansion. Currently Lawler’s provides jobs to 360 full-time employees and ramps up temporary part-time hiring during the busy holiday season when demand for their products sees and annual spike.Lawler Foods